Are you leaving your Website Unprotected?


Your website is one of the most critical parts of your business – Are you leaving your Website Unprotected?

It’s important to be vigilant in today’s modern world to ensure your website stays safe. We know the average website receives automated attacks looking for weaknesses, multiple times per day. The hackers are praying on businesses just like yours and looking for vulnerabilities to exploit. They have the ability to go behind the scenes and take your website offline or even worse, make changes to it or steal personal information from your clients. This costs you:

  • Money 
  • Time
  • Your Client’s Trust
  • Your Intellectual Property

CT Web Design Shop wants to help you ensure this never happens to you. We have put together a FREE guide to keeping your website safe. Our guide will help you create a plan just for your website with the tools you need to ensure your website stays safe. 

  • Learn why backups and disaster recovery plans are vital for your business
  • Understand why you should never give our your main passwords to third parties
  • Put together a website maintenance schedule that helps you and your employees
  • See why it’s important to choose a good web hosting company for your website
  • Learn what happened to one business owner who neglected his website

Don’t wait until your site is compromised.

Download your FREE guide today!

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Are you keeping your WordPress website protected?

Download our free guide to understand how to keep your website safe and learn about the regular maintenance that your website needs to stay secure.

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