How to Prepare Your Site to Survive Unusually High Traffic

Running a website is an essential part of life for many people in this day and age. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, an actor, a marketer or a real estate agent, managing your own little corner of the online world is often part of the job. While that’s usually not too difficult, large spikes in traffic can complicate things a bit if your site can’t handle the extra strain. If you expect this might be about to happen, here’s how to prepare your website to survive unusually high traffic.

Optimize and Use a CDN

The best way to help your site survive a traffic spike is by ensuring that it’s optimized wherever possible. Optimization simply means that you’ve set things up in the most efficient way, ranging from using the best file types for documents to sizing images that won’t take forever to load. Employing a content delivery network (CDN) can also be helpful; it’s a way to offload certain aspects of your website to other servers to reduce loading times and the strain on your site.

If You’re in E-commerce, Upgrade Your POS Setup

High traffic is both a blessing and a curse when you run an e-commerce website. While more people will be visiting and hopefully buying, the site going down could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue until it gets sorted. Making sure that transactions go smoothly even during the busy times is what ultimately leads to a pleasant shopping experience for the customer. To that end, it’s important to choose a well-supported POS that can handle this traffic and complete transactions in a timely and secure manner.

Best WordPress Plugins for Handling High Traffic

Considering how heavily WordPress is integrated into most websites, knowing a few tips and tricks for handling high traffic specifically on an associated website built with it can be a great help. In particular, using caching plugins, like WP Super Cache, takes the strain off your website and reduces the number of times different pages need to be generated for new visitors. If your site has a comments section, employing something like the Disqus comments plugin can also help because it loads independently of your pages and hosts the comment history elsewhere.

Receiving a surge in traffic is a blessing, but it can be disastrous for an unprepared website. Don’t get left out in the cold during these times by using these three tips.

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