5 Web Design Tips That Will Help Your Page Convert

While building a website may seem simple and easy enough, the key is creating a website that converts lookers into buyers. Here are five tips that will help your website pages convert more people into viable leads.

Lots of Content

It should be no surprise that content will be the key to converting people who are on your website looking into people who are now actively ready to buy from you. Content should always be customer-focused. Even your bio or about page should be focused on how what you do benefit the person reading it. Your content should answer questions that even the reader didn’t know that they had. Make them feel like it’s a conversation with someone who understands exactly where they’ve been and what they’re looking for. If you’re writing your own content, then be sure to use a proven template that is value-focused and customer-driven. Even if you have a design firm working for you, you should provide them with as much content as you can.


People trust reviews. Yes, even now in this age of bought likes and fake followers, people still trust a review that appears to be authentic and offers insight into a service or a business and its culture. For most businesses, Google reviews are what you will want to focus on. Now there are a few things to know about Google reviews, but the short of it is they build trust in your brand, and help SEO. Because so many people use Google for other services, Google reviews will come up as one of the top items to see for a business. In WordPress, you can easily integrate Google reviews into your website with a plugin and a couple of configurations.

Case Studies

This is one of the best ways to showcase your before and after of any work that you’ve done. A case study does not have to be elaborate. It simply has to show the results that you’re able to gain for a customer that you’ve helped. When preparing to show your case studies on your website, make sure that they have a dedicated space to feature them in. Make sure they offer the most valuable information at the beginning and then go into more of the case study after that. You can also refer to them within your site’s content.


People will always have questions about your product or service. Using a frequently asked questions section is the best way to address these questions before people contact you so that you will not be answering the same questions over and over again through your contact form or email. Just like your content, your FAQ should be focused on the user. If you’re not sure which questions you get asked the most, take a look at your past communications with potential clients. What are the things that they’ve asked you before that seem to get repeated for every new prospect? Those are the questions that you want to answer in your FAQ.


While it may be tempting to fill up your website with as many things as possible, remember that, for the reader, having some space around the text and pictures help them digest the information that you’re giving them in an easier way. Leave enough white space for the reader to be able to process the information that you’re telling them and evaluated for themselves effectively. If you scrunch all of the information together and don’t leave space for the reader to process mentally, then they’re more likely to click out of your website, as opposed to staying to become a warm lead.

These are just some of the simple tips that you can use on your website and through it’s designed to help your pages convert better.
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